Recruiting permanent FCs & FDs

Instinct and judgement

We offer an innovative approach and a competitive cost structure for the recruitment of full-time, permanent FDs and FCs, using our highly specific understanding of the finance function to hand pick the right candidate for you.

Placing an FD into an organisation requires enormous trust on both sides - with our pedigree as experienced FDs, you can trust us to use our instincts and judgement to match a full time FD or FC to your needs.

We will:

• explain the nuances and help you define the role
• match the technical requirements of the position
• help you identify the kind of candidate you really need
• ensure a good ‘fit’ in terms of personality, experience, gravitas and company culture

Our approach is supportive, consultative and analytical; while our cost structure is simple, transparent and competitive.  As finance specialists, we speak your language.

Current vacancies

To find out more about permanent FC roles, contact James Roach or for information about permanent FD roles, contact Patrick Moore