Well what do you know?

On Thursday 21st April, we organised the first in a series of events designed to challenge conventional wisdom and generally open the minds of the attendees. Judging by the feedback from the participants at FDYL’s Asset Rich Afternoon at the Tetley, the speakers hit the spot!

First up was FDYL’s Managing Partner, Neil Muffitt, who developed Donald Rumsfeld’s famous “known, unknowns” theory into a way of enriching candidate CVs. Neil believes that we all have skills which never find their way onto a CV, simply because we don’t recognise them in ourselves. Or as Neil put it – “what do we know, that we don’t know we know?”

Neil also explained the 60:20:20 rule which posits that when it comes to successful placing of candidates, 60% is down to a good CV, 20% is down to FDYL’s ability to pull out the hitherto unrecognised skills and the final 20% is the extra value that FDYL bring by way of using FDs to place FDs.

After Neil, our guest speaker, Tim Brear of Harrogate-based Brook-Dobson Brear, gave an equally left field, informative and unorthodox speech entitled “The cheque to the undertaker should bounce”. Tim outlined an entirely new approach to financial planning, by turning it on its head and inviting the audience to think about what they wanted to do in life, rather than what they could do with their money. Very thought-provoking

Speaking of the event, Tim Brear said, “Thank you to Neil and the team for an enjoyable afternoon. You may have picked up that I am almost evangelical about how bad the majority of advice around money in our lives is and how good it can be. It’s not rocket science as I’m sure you will agree.”

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