Services for FD and FC Recruitment

Recruiting Permanent FCs & FDs

Instinct and Judgement

Using our financial knowledge and many years of experience in placing interim Finance Directors, we have expanded our services to include a new approach and a competitive cost structure for the recruitment of full-time FDs and FCs.

Placing a part time FD into an organisation requires enormous trust on both sides – now you can trust us to use these same instincts and judgement to match a full time FD or FC to your needs.

We will help you work out what kind of candidate you really need, explain the nuances and help you define the role – in the way that only an experienced FD can. Before recommending a candidate we will match the technical requirements of the position along side subtler aspects such as personality, experience, gravitas and the soft skills required to manage the culture of your organisation.

By adding a permanent recruiting offer to our existing interim and part time services, we are able to bring our highly specific understanding of the finance function to bear on the selection of hand picked permanent FD and FC candidates for our clients.

The FDYL approach is supportive, consultative and analytical and our cost structure is simple, transparent and competitive. Bringing an end to the “search and select/best available” procedure used across the sector.

As specialists we can answer questions you weren’t even going to ask, and above all, we speak your language.

Managed Interim Finance Directors

A Unique Service For SMEs

Many businesses present a range of challenges outside the strictly financial remit. Whilst extremely capable financially, an interim may find he is on unfamiliar ground. At the same time the business owners may be unused to having untested and unknown embedded personnel, in whom they are expected to invest a great deal of trust and potentially time.

For just these circumstances, FDYL has developed the managed interims service. Created for, but by no means restricted to SME clients, for whom the traditional “engage and get on with it” approach may not deliver results.

Part Time Finance Directors

Managing Change Delivering Results

FDYL part time finance directors are experienced qualified accountants who expect to be judged on results. Experienced in running finance functions in organisations ranging from small, local businesses to PLCs, they are driven by the need to make a difference.

Drawing on the experience of a multi-skilled, well networked team with executive backgrounds in finance and general management, our part time FDs are fully supported in the field by our in-house management accounting team.

FDYL part time finance directors:

  • Understand life at the front line
  • Have wide ranging sector experience
  • Have a different skill set to the accounting profession
  • Develop a commercial and non-accountant like culture
  • Make an immediate impact
  • Have broader knowledge and a more open mind than a less experienced full time finance director
  • Are a low risk option avoiding all of the costs and risks of full time employment

Management Accounts

Timely Production of Management Information

Good management accounts are the foundation stone of good decision-making and our aim where necessary, is to instill permanent culture change in the way this information is collected and used.

Far too often directors accept information in formats and layouts that do not suit their decision-making needs. We will ensure that management accounting information is formatted to assist decision making and provide complete clarity.