Debate or Debacle?

Brexit Discussion

Today marks precisely 28 days before the UK electorate are invited to cast their votes in the “most important referendum for decades”. Let’s be honest, both sides of the most “important debate for a generation” have serially abused history, economics, statistics, logic and basic common sense in a disgraceful attempt to scare, bully and bribe the UK’s population to vote their way, as they try to make the “most important decision for a generation”.

Full complement of its own problems

Turkey, that most convenient of whipping boys, beset with a full complement of its own problems, has once again been cast as a bogeyman. Hitler himself has been invoked as the spiritual father of the European project whilst Churchill’s spirit, never far from anything to do with his old adversary, has apparently spoken through David Davis, and is in favour of splendid isolation. Most odd when you consider that 50 years ago, he said that our task “is to re-create the European Family, or as much of it as we can…………. We must build a kind of United States of Europe”. Meanwhile any organisation that dares to come out on the Remain side of the argument is routinely accused of being inept, partisan or simply interfering. Finally, the very Queen herself, not Prince Philip mind, has been roped in and willfully misrepresented by the last bastion of integrity, the Sun.

A tax on the use of French phrases

Just who or what will be wheeled out in the next few weeks in pursuit of the case for Project Fear or Project Utopia remains to be seen. Our prediction is that Boris will take to speaking exclusively in Latin whilst the Remain team trots out a succession of eminence grises to slap him down. Geoff Boycott will put in an innings declaring that Brexit will be the end of English Cricket and Lulu will pop up to shout about the dangers to the Union if we vote to leave. The rumour begun by Michael Gove, that in the case of Brexit the French will impose a tax on the use of French phrases outside of the EU, such as eminence grise and dirigiste, will turn out to be untrue.